Introducing myself

Carroline van Dijk, portrait artist

Carroline van Dijk

I am Carroline van Dijk (1975), portrait painter, borne and raised in the beautiful countryside of Noord-Brabant in the Netherlands and live together with my husband, Joachim and our two daughters in the city of Berghem.

I have been professionally focused for over 15 years as a portrait sketcher and painter, and I create my work now on paper, canvas, wood and even metal, working fulltime on my artwork. I am proud to say that you'll find my in-demand work all over the world: Belgium, South Africa, Dubai, Libya and of course in the Netherlands.

My husband, Joachim, is really my irreplaceable sidekick; he as an art framer and me painting; we make a perfect couple. He prepares all the canvas surfaces, applies the coatings and frames all my artwork professionally (see artframing). He is also the driving force behind the work for creating the Metal Art. I sketch the design and he executes this design into a unique 3D painting. Together, real artisan teamwork, pure and durable.

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Carroline van Dijk
Zicht 8 Berghem Netherlands 0031-(0)412-401002

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