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Information About Cookies

What is a cookie? Cookies can be used by website owners or a third party, tracking site for example, that communicates via the website that you are visiting.

The use of our cookies are safe.

There is no personal information shared when you use cookies on this site, like your telephone number or email address. That is why our cookies cannot lead to additional email or telemarketing initiatives. In this cookie statement you can read more about how we use cookies on this site and for what purposes

Our reasons to use cookies is so that we can offer you the best experience on our site and only uses anonymous analytics to improve our site

Functions of our cookies used:

  • We read your browser information to adjust our screen experience by understanding if you are accessing via a mobile phone or a desktop computer
  • Making it possible to use a request form using this site
  • We are able to keep track of how many visitors we have to our site
  • We can also track how long visitors stay on our site
  • Tracking is also done to understand the sequence of pages visited
  • We use cookies to allow for optimization of the site
  • All above is done anonymously, so no name/adress/email etc. is recorded!
  • Browser Options

    If you do not wish that our site writes or collects information then you can go to your browser options, so that you receive a warning before cookies are written or if all cookies should be denied, or just from third parties. Note that this is a setup required for each browser and on each computer device.

    If you choose to not use cookies please be aware that we cannot guarantee the experience you have on our site. It could be that certain functionality on the site are lost or that some pages/sites are not longer viewable. Each browser can have a different setup and if you require additional help please check your browser help function for more details.