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modern schilderij laten maken

about my mosaic-art

My durable mosaic portraits are made out of hundreds of handcut and handpainted wooden blocks. The result is amazing: from upclose it is beautiful art, from a distance a recognizable portrait! A modern artwork with a personal touch.

Carroline van Dijk-awardwinning painting

Way of working

Together we agree to a design that will fit perfectly to your wishes. Consultation is possible by email, telephone or by making an appointment. Your photo will then be worked out to a design and be outlined to you via email or in person. Changes to this design are still possible at this point. Once you are happy with the design concept (and made a deposit of 20%) , the making of your mosaic portrait-artwork will begin.

modern portret schilderij laten maken

artwork completed and then?

When the artwork has been completed, you will receive an email with the photo of the completed work. You can also drop by to view the actual results. Remaining payment is required on your approval, and the artwork will then be packaged sturdily between two wooden boards and delivered (costs will automatically be calculated on the contactform). An appointment to pick up the item is also possible..

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