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If you are considering requesting a portrait painting you have several options available to you. What style do you prefer? What size canvas is suitable for you? Which frame is the best option? The answers will naturally have to do with who is being portrayed, where the artwork will be hanging and what your personal preferences are. This website is intended to help you make those choices. You can simply choose the style that you like, by viewing the portfolio of the variety available, but also you are always welcome to contact me personally and/or to drop by the studio for additional personal advice.

variety in styles:


For my portrait paintings in oil, I use the highest quality pigment oil paints, on the best available, quality, 100% linen canvas, and build my paintings up in a series of layers, to create an intense and life-like result. Oil paints require a longer drying period to fully harden, so afterwards a breathable varnish is applied so that the drying/hardening process can in fact continue, even after framing.
Gallery Oilpaintings

modern portraitpaintings

ink on canvas

My ink paintings on canvas in colour, black and white, and sepia (brown) will dry much faster than paintings in oil, by using professional water-soluble and colourfast, acrylic ink. This results in a translucent and fluently painted portrait. Durability and colourfastness is just as high as in an oilpainting, only the outcome and used technique is completely different. After completion, my inkr paintings are finished with a protective varnish to assure their durability.
Gallery ink on canvas

Relief painting

I create my nature-relief paintings using a special procedure to make natural materials like moss and twigs malleable. Therefore my paintings don't just look naturel, they really are! After applying this mixture, I paint the canvas with acrylic paints and oils. Often with champagne/metallic highlights for extra depth. I call my painting finished when you want to touch it, only then I feel it's done! Proud to say that my reliefpainting 'Blue Rembrandt' got selected for the summerexhibition 2019 at the worldfamous Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam!
Gallery relief on canvas

modern portraitpainting

washed Ink on raw linen

My washed ink portraits are applied to beautiful vintage 100% linen canvas with frayed edges. Optionally framed in a floating frame of choice. This technique is also possible on the backside of an old painting or on a piece of garment from a deceased loved one.
Examples ink on linen cloth

line painting

Your idea or photo will be worked out to a design concept and be outlined to you. Changes to this design are still possible at this point. Once you are happy with the design concept, I'll start the artwork in ink. My ink line paintings are modern, but always recognisable!
Examples line drawing

In my gallery you can view and compare the available options.


With our in-house frameshop, framing is also a service we can deliver. You can choose from our online selection available and have everything straight off completed online and matching. Note that framed art work is packaged in a sturdy wooden box for delivery, and shipped including insurance and trackingnumber.

modern portret schilderij laten maken

way of working

Because my way of working is to use photos as reference, it will not be necessary to pose for long periods of time. You simply deliver a photo by mail or allow me to take a photo in my studio, and I can begin the process of creating a portrait painting. The choice on how to proceed with the request is up to you. You can very easily start your request online using the Contact Page or, if you wish to, personally drop by the studio at our house. After it is clear what you are looking for, including special wishes, delivery time and pricing is agreed on, I will start with the actual painting. A deposit of 20% will be asked to accept your assignment, payment of the remaining amount takes place after your approval of the completed artwork.

artwork completed and then?

When the painting has been completed, you will receive an email with the photo of the completed work. At this time you can still request some adjustments to the painting, if required. You can also drop by to view the actual results. Payment is required on your approval, and the drawing will then be packaged sturdily between two wooden boards and delivered (for all shippingcosts see faq-page). An appointment to pick up the item is also possible.

Building layers in a painting :
portret schilderij

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