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I enjoy nature. I find it wonderful to hike in the woods or through the green landscape. Wood is of course very much a part of nature. It is warm and natural, and gives an extra dimension on the portrait. After trying a variety of wood, I find birch wood has won my heart. The colour and veins are perfect as a background for my drawings on wood, and because of the matt varnish applied over the drawing it is fully protected, smudge-free, colourfast and durable. For my drawings I work with white gesso, in combination with Conte chalks and pencils on the warm coloured birch wood. After completion a ship rope is threaded trough he artwork to provide a natural way to hang the woodart easily.

Way of working

Because my way of working is to use photos as reference it will not be necessary to pose for long periods of time. You simply deliver a photo by mail or allow me to take a photo in my studio, and I can begin the process of creating a custom portraitsketch. The choice on how to proceed with the request is up to you. You can very easily start your request online using the Contact Page or, if you wish to, personally drop by the studio at our house. After it is clear what you are looking for, including special wishes, delivery time and pricing is agreed on, I will start with the actual drawing. A deposit of 20% will be asked to accept your assignment, payment of the remaining amount takes place after your approval of the completed artwork.

artwork completed and then?

When the artwork has been completed, you will receive an email with the photo of the completed work. At this time you can still request some adjustments, if required. You can also drop by to view the actual results. Remaining payment is required on your approval, and the artwork will then be packaged sturdily between two wooden boards and delivered (for all shippingcosts see faq-page). An appointment to pick up the item is also possible.

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