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portrait artist Carroline van Dijk

How do I request a drawing or painting?

You can simply complete the contact form on the Contact page. You can also forward me directly your request or question to or feel free to call me at 0031-(0)641463051. You are also welcome to drop by the studio, in our home (in the Netherlands), to discuss your request in person.

Is it possible to request a portrait when I don't live in the Netherlands?

Yes. It is also possible to request a portrait if you are not from the Netherlands. Our delivery is using International parcel service, including insurance and trackingnumber (you'll automatically receive a link to follow your package).

At what point, in your process, am I paying?

To accept your assignment, a deposit of 20% (non refundable) will be asked. When the artwork has been completed you will receive a photo via email, for your approval. Additional changes can still be requested (unless Metal Art). You could also drop by to view the results. Payment of the remaining amount takes place before we send it out using banktransfer (billing information needed for international banktransfer is listed on the invoice) or creditcard (You will then receive an easy secured payment-link, all cards (Mastercard, Visa, Maestro,Vpay, JBC) /currencies (such as GBP and USD) available.

How do I send you the photos?

Well you have two options. You can email me the photos together with a confirmation of your request, that is, once you have heard back from me initially regarding your request. There is also the opportunity to come by the house and let me take the pictures needed.

How does the process work from request to result?

After we have agreed to your request outline, delivery time and pricing, I will begin the creative process. Many wishes can be taken in account, so that the artwork suits you exactly and becomes a personal and unique work of art. After completion there still is opportunity for feedback and adjustments. And of course with your artwork will come a certificate of authenticity.

Do I have to pose for a painting or sketch?

No, because my way of working is by using your photos, it is not necessary to have to pose. You deliver a photo or let me take a few photos, if you are dropping by the studio, and together we select a suitable photo. This makes the process of a portrait or painting very easy.

How does delivery work?

Your drawing or canvas, after acceptance and payment, is sent flat between two wooden planks (if framed a wooden box).

Deliverycosts depend on size and destination and will be calculated automatically on the Contactform:
Small up to 45x95 cm
Netherlands: €7,50 | Belgium/Germany €9,95 | remainder EU, UK and Scandinavia €25,- | worldwide €40,-
Medium up to 78x175 cm
Netherlands: €7,50 | Belgium/Germany €9,95 | remainder EU and Scandinavia €25,- | UK/ worldwide €150,-
Large up to 100x120 cm
Netherlands/Belgium €40,- | remainder EU and Scandinavia €150,- | UK/worldwide €250,-
XL up tot 120x140 cm
Netherlands/Belgium €40,- | remainder EU and Scandinavia €199,- | UK/worldwide €350,-
Metal Art: Shipping only available within NL en BE €40,- (<50 km € 30,-)

Personally picking up the artwork is also a possibility.

What is the average delivery time?

Delivery is naturally dependant on how busy I am and what your request entails, for example, roughly +/- 6/8 weeks per portrait. Metal Art and oil paintings take 8-10 weeks. For a better idea of what I can deliver at this moment in time, you can always contact me directly.

Is the quality of your drawings and paintings on your website the same quality that I can expect?

Yes. Sometimes there are sites with a variety of artists (often from the Far East) where there can be a difference in style and/or quality, but this will not be the case if you choose to go with a Dutch artist that makes their own artwork. You can find on this site a variety of examples, made from photos, often from a variety of sources and not just a sketch from that perfect photo. Included on my site are the original photos submitted next to my work so that you can for yourself see a realistic comparison and get a good understanding of my work quality.

I would enjoy have a portrait made, but what happens if I do not like the end result?

That is always a possibility. You know the person in the portrait the best, and that is why I always send a photo of the portrait, so that additional feedback and adjustments can still be made.

I would like a drawing of my four children, do they have to all be on the same photo?

No. I can make a composition from your individual photos, so that they appear to have all been in the same photo. You can find additional information about sketches on paper: More about my sketches)

Can I also use a passport photo to have a sketch made?

Yes. It is possible to make a sketch from a variety of photos, including a passport photo that has a high resolution of detail and will be perfect to draw. To clarify, the clearer the photo, then the better the sketch.

Would it be possible to see you working 'live'?

Yes, on this site you can view many of my works, but in addition you are always welcome at my studio, in our home, where it will be possible to view a variety of works on paper, canvas and metal.

Is it possible to have a portrait made of a stillborn child, or a child that has passed away prematurely, but with some retouching to not include surroundings, medical tubes and markings etc. from the photos supplied?

Yes. Unfortunately, I am faced with this question often enough. In consultation, I can show you some photos of earlier made sketches (with the original photos of the child) to give you a very good idea of what is indeed possible.

Often, I am asked if it is also possible when I am creating a sketch or painting to omit certain items in the photos, or can from a couple of photos create a design, like from a recently deceased loved one, even though there may be no one clear photo available to use.

This is possible, if you send me a variety of photos, I can usually pull together enough ideas to make a lovely portrait of this special person.

I have an original photo, not digital version, how would this work?

If you do not have a scanner, you can sent it in the mail, whereby I will scan it myself, and print a version out for the painting, and in no way damage the original which will be returned with the new artwork. In addition, you can drop off the photos personally at my studio/home.

Do you also create other works of art?

Yes, together with my husband I have a few websites (only in Dutch) where you can find other artworks: A site for nude creative works and sketches. A site for illustrations, cartoons and caricatures: and a site for framing called

I would like more information about requesting a portrait sketch on paper.

That is possible. Look under ‘more about my drawings’ for more information on materials used and various possible styles.

I would like to request a pen and ink drawing is that possible?

Yes. I make pen drawings from streets views, buildings and other subjects/themes. These can be made in sepia (brown) or black/white. For more information view Pen & Ink Drawing section.

How does the process work from requesting a line painting / drawing to result?

Your idea or photo will be worked out to a design concept and be outlined to you. Changes to this design are still possible at this point. Once you are happy with the design concept, I'll start the artwork in ink on canvas (see More about my paintings).

I would like more information about requesting a portrait on wood.

Consult the page More about Woodart for more detailed information.

What is the difference between oil paintings versus ink on canvas?

The materials used and the style created can indeed be very different. On the page More about my paintings you can see examples clearly showing possibilities and their differences.

I have still a couple of questions about Metal Art that you co-create with your husband.

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Many questions and answers are found under More about Metal Art. You may also call, email or drop by to discuss further.

Do you use cookies on your site?

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More information on material use / way of working / pricing for each design is located below.

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